Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrate in Style with a Gift from Moscow Copper

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Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrate in Style with a Gift from Moscow Copper

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

If you’re a mother and you’re reading this...a very happy Mother’s Day from the Moscow Copper team! Caring for children--regardless if yours kids are 2 or 42-years-old--is a thankless job and you deserve a big thank you on this special day!

If you’re not a mother, but you’re reading this, you most likely have a mother, so please...don’t forget to wish her well and let you know you love her!

This Mother’s Day, we suggest grabbing your mom a special gift she will cherish forever. And by that, we don’t mean a silly cinnamon-smelling candle she dreads getting every year. Or another set of bath and body products.

The woman who…

  • Put up with your ridiculous meltdowns over your sandwiches not being cut in the right shape.
  • Decided against putting your up for adoption, even during your loud, obnoxious, musical/talking toy phase.
  • Proudly associated herself with you in public after you decided it was a good idea to cut your own hair as a toddler.

...deserves a gift made of precious gems and metals.

Unfortunately, we don’t deal in gems...but we are experts on one of the coolest, most beautiful precious metals on the periodic table--copper!

This year, show your mom how special she is with a Moscow Copper gift made from pure, elegant, and classy copper.

Here are our recommendations…

Mollie Collection 6-Piece Copper Cookware Set

There’s nothing better than visiting home and indulging in some of your mom's famous family recipes.

Help your mom make her homemade specialties taste even better with a new copper cookware set! 

These pots and pans are made from pure copper and are filled with a stainless steel core that helps regular temperatures while cooking.

Not only are they easy to cook with and clean, but they also will look beautiful on display in your mom’s kitchen.

But that’s not the best part. The even better news is that from April 27 to May 3 we’ll be giving away a free 4 pack of copper mugs ($149 value) when you purchase this set and will be offering free standard shipping. Order now to get your mom a little extra something special!

Grab a set of copper pots and pans for your mom here! 

Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Depending on what type of child you were, your mom may have needed to drink a moscow mule or two after a long day of parenting you!

Just kidding--we hope!

This Mother’s Day, give you mom the experience of drinking a cold, bold, and refreshing mule for her very own Moscow Mule copper mug! Or better yet, buy her a said so she can enjoy a few drink with her friends...and you!

Purchase copper mugs here. 

The best part...these mugs can be engraved you can personalize them with her initials or a special message from you to her!

Pair a copper mug with a recipe card for The Original Moscow Mule, and you’ll have a gift we know she’ll cherish forever! 

Housemade Ginger and Lime Copper Candle

Set in your own ways and can’t bare to break the tradition of buying your mom a candle this year?

Not a problem..we have you covered!

Instead of running out to your local convenience store, order your mom a Moscow Copper lime and ginger scented candle.

Order a candle now. 

These candles look elegant and smell like a delicious Moscow Mule. But that’s not all these candle are good for!

Once the candle is all used up, simply clean out the mug and it can be used to drink your favorite beverages!

Nothing like two-in-one gift to redeem your title of favorite child this Mother’s Day.

Once again, we want to wish all the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! We hope it’s your best one yet!

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