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Our copper mule mug and gift box set also comes with a microfiber mug sack, story booklet and polishing cloth.
Moscow Copper Co.'s original copper mug in a wooden gift box.
A beautiful wooden box houses our 100% Original Copper Mule Mug.
A close-up look at the Moscow Copper Co. logo, which you'll find on every one of our copper mugs.
To make your Moscow Copper Co. mug even more special, add custom engraving!
Add a personalized gift message to any copper mug purchase.
Moscow Copper Co.'s original copper mugs are the perfect drinking vessel for your Moscow Mule.
A frosty Moscow Mule is made even more refreshing when served in a Moscow Copper Co. original copper mug.
Moscow Copper Co. mugs are the perfect vessel to showcase any take on the Moscow Mule.
A peachy take on the Moscow Mule is the perfect way to showcase your Moscow Copper Co. mug.
Make your next party complete by serving Moscow Mules in 100% original copper mugs!
Pomegranate and rosemary are festive touches to bring your Moscow Mule into the holidays.
Moscow Copper Co.'s original copper mug gets dressed up with a blueberry Moscow Mule.

Limited Edition - The Original Mug w/ Collectors Box

$ 34.30

$ 49.00

The Original Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Wrap your fingers around The Original 100% Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug and you will experience that same feeling Grandma Sophie felt when she created this mug nearly 100 years ago. This is the real thing.

  • Single original Moscow Copper Co. mug.
  • 100% pure copper (inside and out).
  • No artificial lacquer.
  • 16.9 oz. capacity to ensure the perfect balance of ingredients.
  • First class craftsmanship, including a heavy-gauge handle.
  • Solid pine wood limited edition collectors box with latch lid.
  • Moscow Copper Co. story booklet with recipes!

Why Moscow Copper Co.?
We only produce the highest quality copper mugs, originally intended for Moscow mules but our customers love using them for other frosty cocktails as well!

Our copper mug is the original copper mule mug because we don't stray from tradition. We’ve brought back the mugs in their natural state, the same way they were in 1941. Since our customers value originality, our copper mugs do not have a lacquer or lining finish. This allows for every mug to be completely unique with the desired classic patina look. If you prefer the polished look, use our copper mug cleaner to maintain the vibrant new copper appearance.

The Legacy Continues
Grandma Sophie would be proud to know that her legacy has continued and we will always be "The Original" Moscow mule copper mug. Get your mule mug today and help us continue to keep the family tradition alive.