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Copper Card

Made of real copper, this card is a symbol of exclusive membership into the Mulehead Nation and is an integral part of our program designed to prevent copper mug theft in bars and restaurants.

Copper Card Many drinking establishments wind up closing the night a few copper mugs short. Even after establishing policies where bar patrons are required to provide an ID or credit card for collateral, customers with sticky fingers – and a few cocktails under their belts – often take the mule mugs home with them when they leave the bar.

It really should come as no surprise that people tend to covet these bright copper mugs but why should bar proprietors have to pay the price? At Moscow Copper, we have decided to help bar and restaurant owners resolve this mug issue, as well as give patrons the ability to drink their mules from our iconic pure copper mugs, the way Grandma Sophie intended.


  • The Copper Card replaces a customer’s ID or Credit Card as mug collateral.
  • Creates a profit center instead of a loss for the establishment. Ask us how.
  • Customer gains access to promotional benefits, exclusive access to events and more!

...and most importantly, allows customers to experience the Moscow Mule as originally intended.


ESTABLISHMENTS: Email for more info

CUSTOMERS: Register Your Copper Card Below

As a customer, you will be invited to the Mulehead Nation and receive your Copper Card with the details and benefits. Use your Copper Card number at checkout to receive 20% off all products and get invites to exclusive events and more!

Stylish, elegant and alluring — these beautifully-crafted mugs have an intoxicating history. Now, with Moscow Copper’s Copper Card Program, they also have a long-term future.

The Copper Card