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How much does each mug weigh?
7 oz.

What are the dimensions of a copper mug?

4.5” Tall 3” Diameter

Is it okay to drink water out of them?

Yes, it is okay to drink water out of them. It is not suggested that water is left to sit in the copper for more than 6 hours. Too much copper can seep into the water.

Where are your mugs made?

Our facility is located in Santa Barbara, Ca. We source our copper from India, one of the worlds best sources of copper.

 Can the mugs be put in the freezer?

How are the handles attached to the mug?

All of the handles are sauntered onto the mugs.




How do I care for my mugs?

It is best to hand wash and dry the mugs after use. If left sitting, the copper can start to react with the beverages in or around it.


How do I polish my mugs?

We suggest using a microfiber cloth and our very own Copper Cleaner. It is the perfect formula to polish your mugs right up.


How long will it take to receive engraved an order?

Engraving will take place in the following 2-4 business days following the day your order is placed. After it is engraved, our shipping department will then ship it out via whichever shipping method is selected during the check out process.