Custom Engraving Gallery

Liberty Elevator Corporation: The New Jersey based company has long serviced elevators throughout NYC skyscrapers. 100 custom engraved mugs were ordered as a gift for clients.

General Motors: 150 copper mugs were ordered for the Detroit based automobile manufacturer. The polished copper mugs were an award, celebrating supplier of the year at a formal, end of year company event.

Lakefield Wind Project: 14 custom mugs were ordered to celebrate the completion of the renewable energy project in Minnesota.

Westminster Promotions: This creative promotions agency is based in San Jose, CA. Westminster Promotions is a loyal customer of Moscow Copper Co. and gifts custom branded mugs to clients as an appreciation.

Porsche: The luxury automobile company celebrated a successful year with a gift for their customer experience team with 25 copper mugs ordered.

Colnago: The Italian based company is the creator of the world’s first carbon bike. In 2020, the company celebrated their bike winning the Tour De France.
A 100% all carbon bike is recognized with a custom engraved corporate logo on a 100% copper mug.

University of Tennessee: In 2020, Moscow Copper completed a 600 copper mug order as a gift for suite season ticket holders.