The Mulehead Mug
The Mulehead Mug
The Mulehead Mug
The Mulehead Mug
The Mulehead Mug

The Mulehead Mug


A NEW Modern Moscow Mule Mug

Wrap your fingers around The Original, 100% Pure Copper Mulehead Mug with a Hammered Finish. This unique design stands out from our Original Moscow Mule Mug, adding a more contemporary touch to our original design. 

  • Single Mulehead embossed mug.
  • Exterior hammered finish.
  • Includes Gift Box.
  • 100% pure copper (inside and out). 
  • 16.9 oz. capacity to ensure the perfect balance of ingredients.
  • First class craftsmanship, including a heavy-gauge welded handle.
  • Includes "Minute Mules" recipe book and microfiber polishing cloth.

Why Moscow Copper Co.?
We only produce the highest quality copper mugs, originally intended for Moscow mules but our customers love using them for other frosty cocktails as well!  

Our copper mug is the original copper mule mug because we don't stray from tradition. We’ve brought back the mugs in their natural state, the same way they were in 1941.  This allows for every mug to be completely unique with the desired classic patina look. 


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