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Brand a Copper Mug with Your Company Logo

The right corporate gift will let your employees know they matter. For all the hard work the team in accounting did over the past year. For the commitment of the sales department each quarter, corporate gifts for employees are a small token of your appreciation. A gift of this magnitude should come from the heart.

Sure, you could fall into the same old rut most companies do regarding corporate gifts. You could hand out a fruit basket or a t-shirt with your logo on the breast pocket! Those are lame and boring. Now is your chance to step up your corporate gifting game with a custom engraved copper mug from Moscow Copper.

We make each mug from 100% genuine copper and engrave them on-site thanks to our expert team. What type of engravings, you ask? Anything you can dream up! Some favorites include:

  • Business Logos
  • Company Motto
  • A Sincere ‘Thank You’ Note
  • Company Name
  • Employee Name
  • Mascots

But high end corporate gifts are not only for employees. Sometimes, after a particularly good year, you want to hand-deliver branded corporate gifts for clients, too. You’re rewarding their loyalty. The next time someone makes a mixed drink and uses your custom engraved copper mug, they’ll think about your company and all that it offers over dinner.

A Unique End of Year Corporate Gift

The Original 100% Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug is more than just a corporate gift. It’s an experience that your customers and employees will remember for many years to come. Each one features:

  • 100% pure copper
  • No artificial lacquer
  • 16.9 oz. capacity
  • Unbeatable craftsmanship

Why a custom copper mug from Moscow Copper? We’re celebrating over 75 years of authenticity. It began in 1941 when Sophie Berezinski immigrated to the United States from Russia alongside her 2,000 solid copper mugs. Her goal was simple: sell those mugs.

Her journey brought her to the Cock ‘n’ Bull pub along the Sunset Strip. Here, she would help create the Moscow Mule cocktail that America loves to this day. And it all started in a copper mug.

That’s a piece of history in your hand. In the hands of your employees. Personalized corporate gifts for employees are more than just your business or company logo/name on the side. It’s a piece of American history, handed down by you.

Once your custom corporate mugs arrive, make sure you share authentic Moscow Mule recipes with everyone. They’ll love the overall experience of drinking the mixed cocktail that started it all from their unique, one-of-a-kind copper mug.

Do not let this unique opportunity pass you by. Your employees, customers, suppliers — they all deserve something extra special for their hard work and dedication. Make the gift you give the one they remember for years to come!

If you’re interested in a set of custom corporate gifts for the office, fill out the inquiry form below. A representative from Moscow Copper will be in touch shortly to help with your order. We’ll provide discount pricing for large bulk orders and confirm the engraving is exactly to your specifications, complete with a unique design for each copper mug.

Gallery of Engraved Mugs