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Grandma Sophie brought her copper mugs to America determined to make her own way, on her own terms. The very first Moscow Mule cocktail was made in her mug. We are so proud to continue making our mugs to her exacting standards, using her original molds. That’s why we call them “The one, the only… The original.” So let’s raise a mug to Grandma Sophie & toast the Original… in ALL of us.


Ask any bartender, and they’ll tell you that a Moscow Mule isn’t “really” the cocktail unless it’s served in a solid copper mug. Not just for aesthetic purposes, but because copper is the ideal material for keeping the drink refreshingly cold. Moscow Copper Co. is THE authority on 100% solid copper mugs and cups. Far from being a cheap imitation, all style and no substance—our real copper mugs are built to last with classic, “old country” craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail. Our company history goes hand-in-hand with the invention of the world-famous cocktail, and we pride ourselves on being the creators of the original Moscow Mule glasses.

Moscow mule mug sets make breathtaking gifts for any occasion, as they’re that rare combination of beautiful, classy, and practical that all high-end beverage containers should strive to be. Add custom engraving (available on most of our mugs), and you’ve got a treasured keepsake on your hands. They’re perfect for family members, close friends, and employees.

Real copper Moscow Mule mugs are as timeless as the beverage with whom they share a name. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional drink recipe or take pride in your own innovations, our 100% copper mugs will be the ultimate statement pieces

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