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Engraving FAQs

To ensure your engraving creates the perfect personalized and memorable gift, please read our frequently asked questions.  If you need additional clarification, email us at (Please note that images provided below are digitally rendered and for demonstration purposes only.)

What style mug engraves the best – polished or hammered?

Polished mugs will make the engraving more pronounced. Hammered mugs are engraved over the hammered detail and can make the engraving less apparent.

Script vs plain text?

Script fonts (Script or Handwriting) look better on polished mugs due to the fine detail of the font. Plain font (Print or Modern) engraves well on either style of mug. If all caps are used, a plain font is recommended. Script fonts are not intended to be used in all caps.

Can I have more than 12 characters per line? Or less than 3 lines?

We recommend limiting your engraving to 12 characters per line. Engravings with less detail or characters turn out the best. More characters require the font size to be reduced which makes it less legible. For engravings with more characters, a polished or smooth mug is recommended to make sure the lettering is clear. Occasionally a name or date is longer than 12 characters. If exceptions are needed, please email us at

Text lines will be centered relative to the number of lines entered. Not relative to three lines even though three lines are available. 

What type of files do you accept for logo engravings?

The quality of the image impacts the quality of engraving. Higher resolution images will produce a clearer engraving. Shading and color fill do not engrave. Occasionally color or shading is removed in order to engrave an image. We are not able to engrave photos of any kind. Vector images with clean lines and graphics works best. Best file types include .png, .jpeg, .pdf, and .eps.

Are you able to engrave special characters – like a heart or emoji?

We are not able to engrave special characters with text engravings. If special characters are submitted, they will be omitted from the engraving. We can engrave characters found on a standard keyboard such as an ampersand, dollar sign, etc. For special characters, please refer to our design services. An engravable design with characters can be designed and engraved as a logo.

Do you offer proofs?

We typically only offer proofs for orders over the quantity of 25. During non-holiday season, a proof may be requested but we reserve the right to decline proof requests due to order volumes. During holiday season we are not able to fulfill requests for proofs. Please note that proof requests can add additional time to the order processing. For more information, please email us at

Do you offer design services?

We offer design services starting at $35.00. To get started on a design, please email us at Our customer service rep will be able to determine what the fee would be for the design you are wanting. Simple designs or conversions start at $35.00 with two revisions. Please also refer to our Monogram design options that may meet your need.

Can I return an engraved/custom item?

Unfortunately, engraved items are not eligible for return. If there is an issue with your order or engraving, please contact us. Depending on the issue, there may be options for correction or replacement.  Please also refer to our return policy.

If we require additional information or clarification on an engraving you have submitted, we will email you. To keep orders on track, we will automatically engrave the order as submitted after two business days if there is no response.