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Gift a Treasured Keepsake with Custom Engraving on Copper Mugs!

Moscow Copper Co mugs are designed to last (and look great) for years to come. So why not add a message that you—or a lucky recipient—can admire every time the mug is used? The same care and quality that goes into the construction of our cups also goes into our engraving techniques. Your inscription will be permanently and elegantly rendered on the mug’s surface without compromising the cup’s durability or longevity in any way.

Custom engraving is available on most of our original copper mugs and flasks. Popular choices for engraving include names, titles, dates, phrases, affirmations, or your custom logo. Regardless of what you pick, though, this sort of personalization is just the thing to make your new mug set truly “yours”—or show someone special that you think that they’re absolutely one-of-a-kind!

Gallery of Engraved Mugs


Your company should be celebrated! Whether you are hosting clients or employees, give them something that shows they are valued. Our 100% pure copper mugs engraved with your company logo make the perfect gift.

We frequently work with companies and organizations for large, bulk orders. Whether you are planning for a fun holiday party or employee appreciation gift, our collection of copper mugs, gift sets and kits can make a big impact! Your clients and/or employees will appreciate the gesture. Learn more

Custom Engraving


Special engravings can create memories that last a lifetime…what better way to look back on your wedding day than with your own custom copper mugs! Choose a unique engraving design and transcend in time to your special day. Moscow Copper Co. offers four remarkable engravings on 100%, pure copper mugs to help remember the occasion or to gift the beloved couple a memorable piece that will surely be cherished in their home bar for years to come. Learn more.

FAQ's About Custom Engraving

How much do you charge for custom engraving?
    • On single-piece mug sets, custom engraving is $15. For multi-piece sets, the price is $10 per mug.
Can you personalize and engrave all copper mugs?
    • Certain mugs cannot be engraved including all barrel bugs and ridge mugs. Our Mulehead and Antique mugs can be engraved on the side, but not the bottom.
I would like to have a unique message engraved on my mug. Can you do that?
    • Custom engraving allows for three lines of text, with up to 15 characters (including letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces) per line. Please note that engraved text CANNOT include symbols (stars, hearts, etc.) or emojis.
What are the font options for custom engraving?
    • We offer two different font styles: a print and a script. You’ll select your desired font as part of the customization process.
If I opt for custom engraving, where will my message appear on the piece?
    • Engraved text can be placed on either the bottom of the piece or one one side of it. You’ll select your desired placement as part of the customization process.
Will my order take extra time to process if I want it engraved?
    • Yes. Please allow an additional three to five business days on all engraved orders. If you need to place a “rush” on your piece(s), please speak to a sales representative directly.
If I’m buying a gift set that includes multiple mugs, can I have different message engraved on each?
    • Currently, we are only able to offer identical engraving on multi-piece orders—in other words, if your set includes four different cups, you will only be able to choose a single message to be engraved on all four of them. If you need unique engraving on each piece, you will need to purchase the mugs individually (as opposed to buying a multi-piece set).
What is your return policy on custom engraved pieces?
  • Though we guarantee quality craftsmanship on our products, all sales are final on custom orders. We strongly, STRONGLY recommend double- and triple-checking your text (including spelling, punctuation, and capitalization), font, and positioning choices prior to ordering!