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Moscow Copper Co. Collection

Moscow Mule Anniversary Gift Set

$ 139.95 $ 149.00

The Housewarming Gift Set

$ 129.95 $ 144.00

Moscow Mule Cocktail Gift Set for One

$ 99.95 $ 104.00

Mulehead Book Gift Set with Two Mugs

$ 79.95 $ 104.00

LIMITED TIME OFFER - Monogrammed Set of Four Barrel Polished Mugs

$ 199.95 $ 288.95

Build Your Own Gift Box: Set of One, Two or Four Mugs

$ 55.95 $ 108.95

Custom Engraved Monogram Copper Mugs

From $ 139.95

Custom Logo Engraved Moscow Mule Mug Set

From $ 179.95

7 Year Anniversary Custom Engraved Copper Mugs

From $ 139.95

Moscow Mule Mocktail Mug and Kit

$ 76.95 $ 89.00

Polished Barrel Mug - Limited Edition

$ 64.95

Hammered Barrel Mug - Limited Edition

$ 64.95

Antique Copper Mug - Limited Edition

$ 64.95

Modern Ridges Mug - Limited Edition

$ 64.95
Sold Out

The Original Moscow Mule Mug with Collector's Box

$ 54.95

Two Original Moscow Mule Mugs with Collector's Box

$ 99.95

Set of Four Original Moscow Mule Mugs with Collector’s Box

$ 169.95

The Original Moscow Mule Mug with Gift Box

$ 34.95

Two Original Moscow Mule Mugs with Gift box

$ 64.95

Mega Mule Mug - 96oz Party Mug

$ 89.95

Mulehead Recipe Book

$ 29.95

Moscow Mule Cocktail Syrup

$ 14.95

W&P Pebble Ice Tray

$ 14.95

Double Sided Jigger

$ 9.95

Moscow Copper Co. Coasters

$ 8.95

Copper Mug Care Kit

$ 19.95

Midas Touch Copper Polishing Cream

$ 14.95


$ 499.00

The Moscow Copper Co. 2023 Mystery Box - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

$ 129.95
Sold Out $ 250.00

Gift Cards

From $ 50.00

A Selection of Copper Gifts and Collectables

Moscow Copper mugs are a reminder of what the American Dream can get you, and bring together style and tradition in one quality package. Today, you can purchase polished, hammered, and limited edition mugs. Each mug is made with first-class craftsmanship and a heavy welded handle. We also offer custom engraving options for the perfect anniversary, birthday, or holiday gift. This year, get something extra special to celebrate the cocktail aficionado in your life.

In addition to single copper mugs, we also offer copper themed gift sets, which include solid pine boxes and microfiber polishing cloths.  Each set also comes with a “Minute Mules" recipe book so you can impress everyone with your newfound bartending skills.

Our drinkware ranges from the 7-oz copper flask to the 96-oz party mug. Don’t forget to stock your home bar with accessories including our copper ice bucket, copper jigger and a copper cleaner!

Our copper collection also works for parties year-round. Entertain with iced drinks in the summer and holidays. Gather together for the special occasions or for an everyday barbecue. No matter what you’re celebrating, Moscow Copper Co. barware will rise to the occasion and elevate it!

Elevate Your Cocktail Experience with Copper Mugs

Copper mugs are the perfect drinkware for your Moscow Mule, Dark and Stormy, Ginger Beer, and more! Copper is a great insulator, keeping your drinks cold for longer so you can enjoy as slowly--or quickly!--as you'd like.

Copper mugs are also great for enhancing the taste and smell of your drink. When alcohol--like vodka--is served in a copper mug it becomes oxidized, which enhances the aroma and thus the flavor profile of your drink of choice. Our copper mugs are the perfect way to enjoy everyone's favorite cocktail!

Why Moscow Copper?

Moscow Copper began in 1941, when our founder’s great-grandmother, Sophie Berezinski, immigrated to the United States with 2,000 solid copper mugs that she helped design with her father. Today, we make pure copper mugs in the same fashion, continuing a tradition of craftsmanship. Sophie Berezinski, John Martin, and Jack Morgan met at the Cock N' Bull pub in 1941 and together crafted the Moscow Mule.

Sophie needed to sell her mugs, John his newly-purchased and not-yet-popular Smirnoff Vodka, and Jack his own brand of Ginger Beer. Without Sophie, John, and Jack's determination, we wouldn't have the Moscow Mules we know and love today.