Custom Logo Engraved Moscow Mule Mug Set
$ 179.95

Custom Logo Engraved Moscow Mule Mug Set


Personalized set of 2 or 4 with your logo or design, packaged in a wood box. The custom Moscow mule mug set comes laser engraved with your unique design. Also included in the box is a recipe book, care card, microfiber bags, and coasters.


Our Moscow Mule mugs are made just the way our founder’s great grandmother (and the original creator of the Moscow Mule mug), Sophie Berezinski, would have wanted.

  • Your choice of finishes: polished, hammered, or hammered with a mulehead emblem
  • Solid copper cup with handle tig-welded to the body
  • 100% pure copper
  • 16.9-ounce capacity for a well-balanced cocktail (also larger than many of our imitators’ capacities)
  • No additives or dyes
  • Unlined for longevity and an authentic drinking experience

Make a Lasting Impression

Our solid pine collectors’ box unlatches to reveal the regal gleam of pure copper. The set comes stocked with the essentials to get recipients started with owning and caring for the mugs, including microfiber storage bags that won’t scratch the surface even when they’re packed away, as well as a recipe booklet with ideas to inspire both classic and contemporary cocktails.
Custom engraved items are not eligible for a refund. Please allow 1-2 business days for laser engraving.

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