Virtual Party Kit - Individual
Virtual Party Kit - Individual
Virtual Party Kit - Individual
Virtual Party Kit - Individual
Virtual Party Kit - Individual
Virtual Party Kit - Individual
Virtual Party Kit - Individual

Virtual Party Kit - Individual


Virtual Party Kit - Individual

Whether you are planning for a fun Holiday party, a group Happy Hour on Zoom, or just looking for a fun date night in, our Moscow Copper Co. Virtual Party Kits will provide everything you need for a fun night enjoying Moscow Mules, except the bar!  Get one for yourself or send them to all your friends.  It's literally a party in a box.

Our Virtual Party Kit includes:

  • The Original Moscow Mule Mug (Polished or Hammered) with Pine Collectors Box.
  • W&P Craft Peak silicone crushed ice tray.
  • A solid copper jigger with hammered finish.
  • One bottle of W&P Craft Moscow Mule Cocktail Syrup.
  • Set of 4 Moscow Copper Co. cork coasters.
  • Microfiber mug storage bag.
  • Minute Mules Recipe Book.
  • Copper Care Card.

Purchased individually, our Virtual Party Kit has a retail value of $97.75.

Moscow Mule Cocktail Syrup

Carefully crafted from fresh ginger, cane sugar and lime juice, this small-batch syrup is designed to help you mix up a perfect Moscow Mule. Simply add ½ oz syrup to 1½ oz vodka and 3 oz seltzer. Stir over ice, garnish with fresh lime and enjoy.

Peak Crushed Ice Tray

This tray's thin ice molds freeze quickly, making enough crushed ice to fill a single serving of your drink of choice. A combination lid and funnel blocks pesky flavors from your freezer and guides the crushed ice neatly into your glass.

The Peak crushed ice tray helps you create the perfect ice for your Moscow Mule!

Moscow Copper Double Sided Jigger 

Every bartender -- regardless of whether you mix drinks professionally or at home -- needs a tool for measuring cocktail ingredients accurately. Our copper jigger with 2-ounce and 1-ounce sides does just that!  With this hammered jigger, you’ll never have to worry about an unbalanced cocktail again. We promise, you’ll see that it’s an investment that’s worth every penny as you mix and pour the perfect Moscow Mule or cocktail every time!  

  • Hammered Finish.
  • 2.0 oz. & 1.0 oz. capacities.
  • 100% solid copper with no artificial lacquer.

Why Moscow Copper Co.?

We only produce the highest quality copper mugs, originally intended for Moscow mules but our customers love using them for other frosty cocktails as well!


Our copper mug is the original copper mule mug because we don't stray from tradition. We’ve brought back the mugs in their natural state, the same way they were in 1941. Since our customers value originality, our copper mugs do not have a lacquer or lining finish. This allows for every mug to be completely unique with the desired classic patina look. If you prefer the polished look, use our copper mug cleaner to maintain the vibrant new copper appearance.

The Legacy Continues

Grandma Sophie would be proud to know that her legacy has continued and we will always be "The Original" Moscow mule copper mug. Get your mule mug today and help us continue to keep the family tradition alive.

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