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How To Clean Your Copper Mugs

How To Clean Your Copper Mugs

There’s no mistaking the undeniable eye appeal of a bright and shiny copper mug, especially when it’s filled with an icy cold Moscow Mule. But what happens when that copper mug has housed one too many cocktails or sat unwashed in the kitchen sink for a couple of days? You’ll undoubtedly start noticing that your copper doesn’t look so bright and shiny anymore, with water spots, tarnish and more starting to mar the beautiful surface you once so admired and wonder – how can I clean my copper mugs?

The good news is, with just a few simple products, you can get your 100% copper mugs looking bright, shiny and brand-spanking-new again.

Here are three of our favorite copper cleaning techniques:

The Quick-and-Easy Method

It’s widely known that Grandma Sophie played a big part in the birth of the Moscow Mule by contributing her original copper mugs to the equation, but what you may not know is that she also created a highly effective all-metal cleaner that was originally only shared with her closest family and friends. Lucky for us, we stumbled upon her highly-coveted recipe and spent some time perfecting it in our labs to make it widely available to all of you!

If you’d rather not bother with the lemon and salt combination, simply apply Grandma Sophie’s All-Metal Cleaner to your tarnished copper with a microfiber cloth, give it a little rinse or wipe with a clean towel, and you’re good to go!

For best results and the longest lasting shine, it’s best to hand wash and dry your mugs (and other copper products) as soon as you’re done using them.  However, if you happen to have one too many and can’t bring yourself to do a proper cleaning after using, rest assured that you can apply any of these techniques as soon as you’re back on your feet and your copper will never know the difference.

The Quick-and-Easy Method

You can pick up your own container of Grandma Sophie’s All-Metal Cleaner here. And, if not knowing how to care for your copper has been holding you back from investing in some of your own, now’s the time to take the plunge and pick up some 100% original copper mugs!

The Pantry Cleaning Method

Scrub with Baking Soda and VinegarLemon and salt have long been known to work wonders for cleaning kitchen items such as cutting boards and butcher blocks, so it may come as no surprise that they’re also an all-star combination for sprucing up your copper.

For basic cleaning, simply cut a lemon in half and cover the sliced side with good ol’ table salt. Rub the lemon directly onto your copper surface until the tarnish is removed, using more salt as needed. Rinse off the salt and lemon juice with warm, clean water and dry immediately, preferably with a microfiber cloth for additional shine.

For tougher tasks, mix together the juice of one lemon with 1-2 tablespoons of salt in a small bowl to form a paste. Apply the paste to the cut half of a lemon and rub directly onto the areas of your copper that need attention. For tougher stains, let the paste sit for a moment before rinsing with warm water and drying in the same manner mentioned above.

Salt and lemon will do the job in a pinch, but if you’re looking for more of a long-term solution for your copper and metal products, you’ll want to try the Quick-and-Easy Method below!

Scrub with Baking Soda and VinegarScrub with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar is another effective cleaning your copper mugs with things you likely already have around the house. Use a blend of 3 parts Baking Soda and 1 part Vinegar to create a paste. Using a wet sponge or cloth then apply the paste on the copper mug and let it sit. Finally, scrub, hand wash and rinse with a soft sponge and clean water to remove tarnish and the cleaning paste.

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