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Seventh Wedding Anniversary Copper Gift Ideas

Seventh Wedding Anniversary Copper Gift Ideas

Here’s a fun bit of trivia: copper is the traditional material associated with seven-year anniversary gifts. In modern times, a stationary desk set also works, and wool products are acceptable, as well. But copper is still the tried-and-true metal to give your significant other while celebrating your 7th anniversary.

Shopping for the perfect wedding anniversary gift can be tricky (especially for husbands, who are notorious for being cagey about what they'd like!). If you want to be silly about the whole thing, you COULD gift your partner a huge bag of pennies; 2,555 of them would represent a cent for every day that you’ve been married, give or take a couple for leap years! But while this plan might earn you a chuckle or two, it might also earn you a few nights on the couch if the gag doesn’t exactly go over well.

Let's be clear: gifts for anniversaries are serious business! You're celebrating your wedding date, folks! At Moscow Copper Co., we know all about the allure of beautiful, 100% copper products. So allow us to be your guide to the wonderful world of copper anniversary gifts:

Uncommon Goods

copper guitar pick

One option is to find something that your spouse likes and see if you can get that item in copper. For example, a fashionista would probably be delighted by a copper cuff bracelet, and a guitar enthusiast would likely be touched to unwrap a copper guitar pick. A copper money clip is also a great gift idea if you noticed that your significant other's wallet is falling apart. Even a copper tag or keychain can make a neat anniversary gift. Although if you're thinking of going small, it would probably be wise to pair the gift with flowers, a bottle of champagne, and even a romantic picnic date.

Copper Mugs: a Modern Twist on Tradition

If your spouse is a fan of mixed drinks, cocktails and the Moscow Mule, consider a set of gorgeous, designer copper mugs. It's the perfect gift for a seventh wedding anniversary and combines tradition in a modern package!

pair of copper mugs

While your search is over, there's still the matter of picking which style of copper mug your spouse would like best. Go with our seventh anniversary gift set for an easy decision.

We mentioned earlier that wedding anniversary gifts are "serious business," but that DOESN'T mean that you have to stick to "classic" gifts like jewelry, golf clubs, and other expensive items. Sometimes, a quirky gift--like a mug or even a solid copper ice bucket to keep that champagne chilled--really is the best thing to present your spouse on your special day.

Make It Personal

engraved copper mug

Want to take your copper anniversary gifts one step "beyond"? Consider upgrading them with a special inscription. Copper is one of those materials that lends itself well to engraving when done professionally. Custom inscriptions will NOT compromise the items' integrity or longevity. Engraving also drives forward that your items are one-of-a-kind, just like your spouse.

When it comes to what, exactly, you should engrave on a particular piece, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Our recommendation, though, is to stick with something relatively simple or timeless. The date of your wedding or the date combined with seventh anniversary is always a safe bet. So are names and initials, or even simple affirmations, like "I Love You" or "The Best is Yet to Come." There's no need to be overly wordy, sentimental, or restate your wedding vows in your message--as the old saying goes, "brevity is the soul of wit!"

At Moscow Copper Co., most of our standard-sized mugs and flasks can be engraved. This way, your 7th anniversary gift can essentially double as a love note that your spouse will treasure for years to come.


We hope that you've found our crash course on copper anniversary gift ideas helpful! We know that coming up with the perfect copper gifts for that special someone can be tricky. But do try to keep in mind that, after seven years of marriage, odds are that you know your spouse's taste in gifts better than most other people.

And one more thing: while copper gifts are traditional for a 7th anniversary, there's no law on the books stating that you CAN'T give a copper anniversary gift on your 1st, 5th, 10th, or even 25th anniversary. So, if you see a copper item that you're certain your partner will love, don't feel like you have to wait, or that you've missed your opportunity forever. Artisan copper gifts are wonderful for any anniversary...or any special occasion!

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