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Moscow Copper: The Father's Day Gift Ideas for a One-in-a-Million Dad

Moscow Copper: The Father's Day Gift Ideas for a One-in-a-Million Dad

Macaroni pictures, goofy ties, and coffee mug with your face on it--just a few of the gifts you’ve probably given your father over the years for Father’s Day. And we have no doubt that your dear old dad loved every single one of those gifts.

But, the years have flown by and now you’re older and wiser...which means it’s time to step up your Father’s Day gift giving game.

After years of potty training, teaching you how to play sports, grilling your favorite foods for dinner, and always being there to lift you up and support you, your dad deserves something really special--like a new Porsche or a trip to Bora Bora--to celebrate his special day.

Unfortunately, for the average Joe, those gifts may be a bit out of your price range, which is why we want to offer the next best thing--The Original Moscow Copper mugs and barware, perfect for dad!

All of our products are one-of-a-kind (just like your dad!) and are made of the finest materials. The best part...a gift from Moscow Copper ensures Dad a lifetime of mixing and drinking his favorite beverages with his favorite child--you!

Here’s a few dad-approved gifts we recommend!

The Original Moscow Copper Mug

the original moscow copper mug

There may be nothing original--or funny-- about your dad’s corny “dad jokes,” but we can guarantee his humor will be much more tolerable when he has an Original Moscow Copper Mug in his hand!

These mugs are 100% copper and are specially crafted using Sophie Berezinski’s original design to keep beverages cold and flavors bold.

You can even customize our mugs by engraving them with a name, message, initials, or an image! Definitely a much better option than a coffee mug with your picture on it!

Polished Moscow Copper Flask

polished flask

There’s nothing wrong with getting dad a new accessory to go with his wardrobe for Father’s Day. We simply recommend you skip the goofy tie and instead grab him a polished flask that he can tuck into his suit pocket.

Our flasks are made with 100% pure copper and contain a food safe stainless steel lining. If you desire, you can engrave our flasks with a message to dad, his initials, or an image. 

As a special Father’s Day promotion, we’re offering 50% OFF our flasks. Grab one for your dad now before this offer is no longer available.

Mulehead Recipe Book

Mulehead book next to a moscow copper mug

It’s possible that your mom may have done most of the cooking growing up. But, if there’s one thing you could count on dad for in terms of food, it was going out after dinner for ice cream or a special treat.

Now that you’re grown, we recommend putting down the ice cream cone and joining dad for an adult beverage as an after dinner treat. And what better way to enjoy a beverage than by mixing one up together at home?

Gift dad with a Mulehead recipe book and you’ll have 75 unique and delicious recipes to mix and drink together.

Moscow Copper Gift Cards

moscow copper gift cards

Boxers vs. briefs. Tube socks and sandals. Hawaiian shirts with crazy patterns. All dad’s have their own unique sense of style.

If your dad prefers to pick our his own gifts, you’re in luck. We offer gift cards in our store that your dad can use to purchase his own Father’s Day gift that suits his style.

Grab a Moscow Copper gift card here .

On behalf of the Moscow Copper family, we wish all dads out there a very happy Father’s Day!

Good luck!

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A timeless and authentic Copper Mug carrying the original Moscow Mule legacy. The perfect gift for any occasion.

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