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Moscow Mule Mugs: The Perfect PH Balance For The Best Flavor

Moscow Mule Mugs: The Perfect PH Balance For The Best Flavor

Crafting the perfect cocktail is much like baking a cake. If you forget to add an ingredient, like eggs or baking soda, the cake you’re baking isn’t going to turn out right.

The same principle goes for mixing up the recipe for The Original Moscow Mule. 

From the ginger beer to the squeeze of lime, each ingredient in a Moscow Mule works together to create a bold, unique, and flavorful taste experience–a flavor that can only be achieved with the  PH balance due to the ingredients in the recipe.

Why do these properties affect the taste of your drink?

We’re going to explore the science behind why now, so keep reading.

PH Levels, Conductivity, and Pure Copper Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugs: The Perfect PH Balance For The Best Flavor

Copper is a highly conductive element. For that reason,  this element’s ability to heat and cool is exceptional, which makes it a prime material for making copper drinking glasses. 

In fact, copper has the ability to cool liquid at 400 times the rate of glass. Think about that the next time you drink beverage of choice in a glass cup!

This conductivity is what allows the mug to cool liquids at a fast rate, keep them cool, and also contributes to the chemical reactions that occur inside a

You see, PH levels and conductivity are directly related.

In order for an element like copper to be conductive, the element must be put in contact with other elements that provide the right PH levels to allow the reaction to occur.

The ingredients with acidic PH levels, like ginger beer and limes, allow this reaction to happen when poured into a copper cup,  making Moscow Mules a drink that has a cold and bold flavor.

Here’s how this works…

In solutions, a current is carried by Ions where are positively charged Cations ( like sodium, which ginger beer has a lot of) and Magnesium.

The conductivity of a solution depends on the concentration of all the Ions present, the greater their concentrations, the greater the conductivity.

Strongly acidic solutions will have a high conductivity rate since the pH is a measure of the concentration of the Hydrogen [and the Hydroxyl] ions.

This mean the main ingredients in a Moscow Mule including ginger beer ( PH level 4- acidic), vodka ( PH level 4- acidic), and limes (PH Level 2 -acidic), are all highly conductive ingredients based on their PH levels.

So to ensure you get the same bold and exciting flavor each time you drink a Moscow Mule, it’s important to use the right ingredients. If you accidently added tap water (PH level 7.5 – base) into your drink it would mess with the chemistry and take away from the flavor of your drink.

For a more visual overview of why PH affects conductivity, check out our infographic. 

Follow the Original Moscow Mule recipe and drink from a Moscow Mule Copper Glass and you’ll have to worry about missing out on a great drinking experience.

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