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Why Are Moscow Mules Served in Copper Mugs?

Why Are Moscow Mules Served in Copper Mugs?

Consider the most famous alcoholic drinks and cocktails in the world: the ideal vessel goes hand-in-hand with these popular drinks. A good drink has a proper presentation and a balance between mixers and alcohol. Good drinks are prepared well and must always be served in the right vessel.

A martini is usually served in wide-brim, long stem classic glass. Whiskey is served in lowball glasses. Margaritas are served in large glasses. Just like the above-mentioned drinks, a Moscow Mule is best enjoyed when served in a cold copper mug. A traditional copper mug heightens all individual flavors, raises the aroma, and gives a distinctive look to the Moscow Mule cocktail.

Though the Moscow Mule takes its name from a city in Russia, it is a thoroughly American invention. It even has a few variations like the Mexican Mule or the Kentucky Mule. One common thing is that mules should always be served in copper mugs.

Why are copper mugs so vital to enjoy a traditional Moscow Mule drink? Let's find out. 


One fine day in 1941, three entrepreneurs gathered on Hollywood's Sunset Strip and met at the Cock n' Bull bar. One of them was a businessman John Martin who bought Smirnoff vodka, one was a bar owner Jack Morgan who loved his home-brewed Cock n' Bull ginger beer, and the third was a Russian immigrant who couldn't sell her copper mug collection.

These three joined forces and created a new American cocktail. Americans were strangers to Vodka and this cocktail made traditional Russian vodka a necessity in American bars. Through celebrity advertisements, Moscow Mule became the most popular drink in the 50s.

During the Cold War, the drink was named the Smirnoff Mule but in the 21st century, the cocktail gained its popularity back as Moscow Mule drinkers increased. It is ranked as the 8th best-selling cocktail according to Business Insider's 2018 list.

The Moscow Mule became famous because it partnered an immigrant's struggles with the rich and flashy lifestyle of Hollywood.

An Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit for One is made with vodka, mixed with lime juice and ginger beer - simple yet refined.

Copper mugs were perfect for the beverage because Copper conducts temperature and takes on the mule's temperature when it's poured into the glass. This keeps the mule cold and frosty while enhancing the vodka flavor and natural properties of the drink.


A Moscow Mule drink has simple ingredients but the copper mug gives it a complex profile. It is highly refreshing and delicious but copper mugs act as a balance between the functionality and the form of a Moscow Mule. You and your loved one can enjoy your cocktails in this beautiful copper mug set.

The most scientific benefit behind using a shiny copper mug for serving Moscow Mules is Copper's temperature transferring ability. A renowned cocktail for summertime drinking, Moscow Mule served in copper mugs is frosty and cold in any weather as Copper is a great thermal conductor. A little ice added to Moscow Mules copper mugs instantly chills the drink and provides a chilling sensation at the rim.

There's nothing as refreshing as seeing your cool, dripping Mule in a Copper Mug on a warm summer day. Copper mugs don't mess with the Moscow Mule drink's ratio and you will enjoy the natural taste of fresh lime juice and fizzy ginger beer in each sip.

Another great thing that copper mugs offer is a long copper handle that makes sure your body and hand temperature do not spoil your Moscow Mule cocktail.

Learn How to make the famous classic cocktail! See our Moscow Mule Recipe.

Moscow Copper Co (Perfect Moscow Mule Recipe


You can go through cocktail history or chat with a purist and they will tell you that a copper cup is necessary for a proper Moscow Mule taste and experience. Along with American tradition, a copper mug is vital to fully enhance the aroma and taste of a Moscow Mule cocktail.

When vodka is served in a copper mug, vodka gets oxidized, leading to a potent aroma and superior flavor profile. As Copper gets cold, the spicy ginger beer carbonation bubbles get stable which balances the citrus lime flavor.

If you want to test, make one Moscow Mule in a plastic mug and another one in a copper mug. Within one or two sips of the mule, you will understand why patrons drinking mules prefer the copper mug. If you want something unique, try out this Pomegranate Moscow Mule.

Pomegranate Moscow Mule Cocktail


Great cocktails need the right glass and the same goes for a traditional Moscow Mule. Serving the mule in a copper mug is a cutting-edge innovation by itself. This copper mug comes with a beautiful collector's box if you want to buy one.

Here are the 3 main reasons mules are served in a copper mug.


Copper begins to oxidize vodka as soon as the beverage is poured into the mug leading to superior aroma and flavors.
The spicy ginger beer bubbles remain fizzy and counter the lime juice's acidity. This gives a refreshing, spicy taste to Moscow Mules.


A cold metal, Copper conducts heat quickly and helps transfer that coolness to your hands and your lips. You will feel a chilled rim in each sip.
Moscow Mule mugs have a long handle as well, so your hand doesn't warm the drink when you reach for it.


A glitzy copper mule mug is catchy and has a modern yet vintage appearance. These mugs will surely give a resilient, charming, and creative look to the beverage.

Summing Up

With over 80 years of American cocktail tradition and history, the Moscow Mule is loved by people all across the globe and there is only one right way of drinking it - in copper mugs.

Maybe the creators of this beverage did not realize this fact but after so many years, copper mugs are clear winners when it comes to serving Moscow Mules.

The taste, temperature, and presentation of the beverage all go up when it is served in ideal copper mugs. A cocktails lover always enjoys his drinks in the right vessel and for enjoying Moscow Mules 100%, you need to get copper mugs.

See our Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit for one. Our Moscow Copper Co. party kit will provide everything you need for a fun night enjoying Moscow Mules. It is literally a party in a box, and what an unboxing it is. Unlatch the sophisticated solid pine box, and find a crushed ice tray, copper jigger, and cocktail syrup sitting alongside your hammered or polished 100% copper mug.

This luxury basket of copper barware, recipes, and accessories make a great gift.

Moscow Copper if you are looking for a crafty and beautiful copper mug. There are lots of beautiful and custom designs on offer and you can place special orders for corporate or wedding gifting. Make sure you have a beautiful copper mug to relish your favorite mule cocktail.

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