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10 At-Home Date Ideas for an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day

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Going out on Valentine’s Day can be extremely overrated. Instead of focusing on your sweetie, you’re consumed with fighting crowds, finding parking, securing that sought-after restaurant reservation, overpaying for flowers. If you’re not mindful, all the hype around the day can actually overshadow the only thing that really matters: your love.

This year, many of us are choosing to stay in and celebrate with Valentine’s Day activities at home, giving you an opportunity to really reconnect and take your relationship to the next level. So how do you make Valentine’s Day special at home when you can’t rely on fancy restaurants or a night on the town? Fortunately, there is no shortage of things to do at home for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re after ideas for Valentine’s Day for her at home or at home date ideas for him, here’s how to make it memorable.

  • Plan patio picnic. If you’re not sure how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, start here. You can make the meal yourself or order in, but ideally you’d have multiple courses. A wine or cocktail pairing for each one will really turn up the charm, too. Don’t drink? These mocktail recipes will keep things romantic and elevated. Make sure you also take the time to decorate. At minimum, you’ll want to include copious candlelight for this romantic Valentine’s Day date idea.
  • Have a love letter exchange. Telling your one and only how much they touch your heart is definitely one of the more romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day at home. It’s minimal effort and maximum impact. Write a proper love letter or pen a poem and ask them to do the same. Reading your words aloud to one another can be a great way to solidify the moment. Not a writer? Find a book of poetry or passage from your favorite romance novel to share!
  • Create something together. If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day ideas, tap into your inner creativity. You might get a blank canvas and paint it together with your hands, create your own floral arrangement, or make your own homemade cards.
  • Coordinate a romantic cocktail hour. You don’t need a dark and intimate cocktail lounge to have an intimate evening. This Valentine’s Mule Set for Lovers or Couple’s Virtual Party Kit will have you tipsy with admiration for one another. You can even go the extra mile and have your cups custom engraved!
  • Do a virtual cooking class. If you’ve always wanted to have a world-class chef cook in your home, this is your chance. To make up for lost sales revenue, this year many head chefs are offering virtual cooking classes for their signature dishes. Go with an international option for something a bit more novel or make your honey’s favorite to capture the nostalgia.
  • Take dance lessons online. Get close and get moving with an online dance lesson. Surprise your sweetie by moving all the furniture so you have an adequate dance floor. You might even set out a special outfit for them to wear so it feels extra festive. It’s a fun at –home Valentine’s date idea that’s sure to end in smooches and smiles.
  • Make an at-home spa. Of all the ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, this one is among the most sensual and relaxing. Think head to toe pampering: face masks, massages, foot soaks, etc. Set the mood with some soft music, hanging eucalyptus, and cucumber water for the ultimate stay in Valentine’s Day date.
  • Have a meaningful guided conversation. Speaking from the heart is one of those stay home Valentine’s Day ideas that may seem to lack some flashiness, but it can literally transform your relationship. Try looking for prompts to guide the conversation like this We’re Not Really Strangers card game, this Gottman Institute App, or the New York Times' 36 questions that psychologists say lead people to fall in love.
  • Plan your travels. Even if you can’t travel right now, you can still plan for your next couple’s adventure. For this cute Valentine’s Day date idea, make a collective list of everywhere you’d like to travel together in your lifetime. Look up airbnbs, make a pinterest board or magazine collage, and let your excitement about the future abound.
  • Recreate your favorite dates. Some of the best at-home Valentine’s Day ideas center around dates you’ve already had. Think back to when you first met, your first year of marriage, or when you proposed. The idea is simply to revisit those moments when you felt most in love and dive right back in.

Coming up with Valentine’s Day date ideas is always effortful, but even more so now that we’re confined to our homes. These Valentine’s date ideas for couples celebrating at home will help you connect heart-to-heart without the hassle.

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