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5 Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Moscow Mule Day

5 Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Moscow Mule Day

We all need a reason to celebrate right now. National Moscow mule day is the perfect opportunity to take pause, kick back, and reflect on all’s that going well in your life.

Mark your calendars for March 3rd: the official Moscow mule day. 3-3 not only symbolizes the cocktail’s three primary ingredients, but also the trifecta responsible for its creation. Bump the date to the side and a clever ‘M M’, Moscow Mule’s initials, emerges.

So raise a copper cup to Moscow mule’s birthday with these mixologist crafted recipes. But first, a quick history (and science) lesson!

History of the Moscow Mule

As we get ready to commemorate the 75th birthday of the Moscow mule, we take a look back at its rich history and kismet beginnings.

It all started when Sophie Berezinski immigrated from Russia carrying 2,000 pounds of copper mugs with her. To keep her creation from ending up in the scrap pile, she went door-to-door in Hollywood looking for a lounge in need of drinkware.

One fateful afternoon in 1941, she called on Sunset Strip’s famous Cock ‘n’ Bull pub. Owner Jack Morgan had been looking for a way to promote his house-made ginger beer, and was commiserating with Smirnoff Vodka owner, John Martin, on lack of sales.

The three put their heads together and a few failed attempts later the Moscow Mule was born!

Many would argue it’s the cold properties of the copper that transformed the main ingredients into such a signature cocktail.

Why are Moscow Mules Served in Copper Mugs?

Copper science is well studied, even among non-academics. Copper mugs are known for their thermally conductive and heat resistant properties. They’re 400 times more conductive than glass and come with handles to ensure no heat from your hands has a chance to transfer around the cup.

The process enhances the flavor and electrical conductivity of each ingredient, igniting all five senses in the process.

Original Moscow Mule Recipe

Speaking of ingredients, let’s start sipping!


To make an original Moscow mule you need just three simple ingredients.

  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 6 ounces ginger beer (or if using our Moscow Mule Ginger Syrup measure out half Oz + soda water
  • 1/4-ounce fresh squeezed lime juice

The key with any Moscow mule version is to serve it out of a Moscow Copper Co. mug, or the flavors won’t be quite right.


  1. Place ice into Moscow Copper Co. mug and pour in vodka.
  2. Squeeze in lime juice and top with ginger beer.
  3. Garnish with lime wedge and enjoy.
  4. Cheers.

    Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at one of these Moscow mule adaptations!

    Sicilian Mule Recipe


    • 1 oz. Aylesbury Duck Vodka
    • 1 oz. Amaro Averna
    • 0.75 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
    • 0.75 oz. Domaine De Canton
    • 0.5 oz. Simple Syrup (2:1 ratio)
    • 2 Dashes of Bittermens Hellfire Bitters
    • 2 oz. Club Soda


    1. In a cocktail shaker, add all ingredients except for the club soda.
    2. Shake with ice and double strain into a Moscow Copper Co. mug.
    3. Top off with the club soda and garnish with a nice mint bouquet.

    Mexican Mule Recipe


    • 2 ounces silver tequila
    • 6 ounces ginger beer
    • 1 fresh lime
    • 1 jalapeno (sliced)
    • 4 sprigs of cilantro


    1. First, cut the jalapeno into slices and remove the seeds.
    2. Next, muddle cilantro and 2 slices of jalapeno with a little bit of ice into a cocktail shaker.
    3. Now’s the time to fill your Moscow Copper mug with ice and add the muddled contents.
    4. Then squeeze in fresh lime juice, followed by the tequila, and topped with ginger beer.
    5. Lastly, garnish with a jalapeno slice and a sprig of cilantro. Enjoy!

      Cucumber Moscow Mule Recipe


      • 2 ounces vodka
      • 4 ounces ginger beer
      • 1 fresh lime
      • 3 slices of fresh cucumber
      • Mint leaves


      1. Shake and muddle the slices of cucumber with juice from a lime.
      2. Fill your Moscow Copper mug with ice, pour the vodka and add mint leaves.
      3. Add the cucumbers and lime juice.
      4. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a slice of cucumber and a sprig of mint.

      Jeweled Mule Recipe


      • 2 oz. Absolut Ruby Red Vodka
      • 0.75 oz. John D. Taylor's Velvet Falernum
      • 0.5 oz. Lemongrass Simple Syrup
      • 0.5 oz. Lime Juice
      • 0.25 oz. Crème de Violette
      • 2 oz. Soda Water
      • 3 Dashes The Bitter Housewife's Grapefruit Bitters
      • 0.75 oz. Muddled Fresh Ginger
      • 1 Pea Sized Wasabi Ball


      1. Peel and slice 0.75 oz. of fresh ginger.
      2. Place in tin and muddle aggressively.
      3. Add 1 pea sized wasabi ball to tin, and add 3 dashes of The Bitter Housewife's grapefruit bitters.
      4. Add all remaining liquid ingredients to tin, add ice and thoroughly shake to combine all ingredients.
      5. Fine strain into Moscow Copper Co. copper mug with three 1x1 inch ice cubes.
      6. Top with soda water.
      7. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

      Ginger Ale Mocktail Recipe

      If you want your mule to have a little less bite, you can still enjoy this classic drink in mocktail form.


      • 6 oz. ginger ale or ginger beer (or 1 oz. of our Moscow Mule Ginger Syrup mixed with 6 oz. seltzer)
      • 2 oz. sparkling water or club soda (or 3 oz., if you’re using syrup and seltzer instead of ginger beer)
      • ½ oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
      • Crushed ice
      • Lime wedge or slice, for garnish


      1. Place the ice in a 100% copper mug.
      2. Once the mug is nice and cold, pour in the sparkling water or club soda.
      3. Add the lime juice, then top with the ginger ale/beer.
      4. Garnish with the lime wedge or slice.

      Want to celebrate National Moscow mule day all year long? Check out this Moscow mule recipe book to help you curate your own craft cocktail!

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