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11 Breathtaking Copper Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Seven Years

11 Breathtaking Copper Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate Seven Years

The traditional seventh wedding anniversary gift material is copper, which gives spouses a wealth of options for luxurious presents that will withstand the test of time. After all, copper is both classically timeless and refreshingly modern. Artists and designers are incorporating copper into jewelry, kitchen hardware, fine art, and more. Its durability and penchant for aging with style make it a meaningful choice for an anniversary gift, too.

So what does that mean? Well, the seventh anniversary is really your time to shine. We’ve curated a list of gifts to help you surprise your spouse with a choice that will nod to tradition, suit their tastes, and last long enough to become a family heirloom and treasured reminder of your lasting bond. Wedding anniversaries can be hard to shop for, but we've got you covered with this curated copper collection.

11 Copper Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Seventh Wedding Anniversary

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1. The Original Moscow Mule Anniversary Gift Set

With a history dating back to the 1940s, the Moscow Mule cocktail is a beloved, classic American cocktail. The drink has seen a recent resurgence in popularity as people fall in love with the bubbly, gingery cocktail, served in that signature copper mug.
This anniversary-specific gift set celebrates your love with a pair of authentic, 100% copper Moscow Mule mugs alongside all the extras you need for making cocktails together. The option to add high-quality engraving lets you add an extra-special touch to commemorate the occasion, too. Personalized gifts communicate to your spouse that you thought ahead to plan an extra-special surprise. This set is really the perfect anniversary gift for any year, but especially your 7th wedding anniversary.


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2. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Gift Set of Two in Wooden Box

Love the idea of toasting your seventh anniversary together, but want a more budget-friendly option? This set of two copper mugs is still a luxurious choice for a unique anniversary gift. This more streamlined Moscow Mule mugs set includes little extras to elevate the occasion, including a copper jigger and matching straws. What a sweet gift to toast your history together!


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3. Copper Cookware Set

Copper cookware is prized for the metal’s excellent heat conductivity, which makes it sensitive to temperature adjustments on the stove. This Williams-Sonoma Thermo-Clad set combines copper exteriors with stainless steel interiors for easier maintenance and even heating. If your spouse loves cooking, this is the ultimate cookware upgrade and one of the best copper gifts out there.


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4. Coppermill Kitchen Copper Measuring Cups

For a still-luxurious but less extravagant gift for your kitchen-inclined spouse, a set of lustrous copper measuring cups turn the act of baking into a more beautiful experience. Replace old worn-out plastic measuring cups or dented old metal ones with this resilient set from Anthropologie, featuring vintage-inspired designs and engraved measurements that won’t fade with use.


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5. Copper Foil Star Chart

Commemorate the night you met, the day you were married, or another special occasion in your story together with a star chart. Bookishly will create the night sky above the place you were on that special day, personalized just for you. Modern gray and copper foil tones create a soft but modern look that can hang anywhere in your home. This is an incredibly thoughtful anniversary gift to give your spouse starry eyes!


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6. Bodum Chambord Teapot

Are you a pair of tea lovers? This elegant glass teapot comes with a copper-tone option for the metal holder. Watch the leaves steep in the strainer, then pour you and your sweetheart a hot cup of tea. Package this perfect anniversary gift with a new tin of loose-leaf tea, or with a pair of sweetly monogrammed teacups. This one anniversary gift that will see daily use!


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7. Bodum Chamboard Copper French Press

…or is coffee more your speed? This French press translates the sleek glass-and-copper look to brew your morning cup. The eight-cup press makes plenty for you both to share a mug together before beginning the day, or to brew up some decaf to unwind with dessert. Package this anniversary gift with a locally roasted bag of coffee beans you can try out together.

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 8. Engraved Copper Pocket Watch

What could be more dapper than a pocket watch, personalized with engraving? Add a monogram to one side. On the other, you can opt to add as special engraving. Choose to add your anniversary date, a line from your wedding vows, or another special message that's meaningful to your spouse. This is one of the most unique copper gifts we found in our research, and we think it's an extra-special way to celebrate!


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9. Blossom KitchenAid Design Series Stand Mixer

If your spouse has had their eye on a KitchenAid stand mixer (or has been itching for an upgrade), this designer model is a gorgeous choice for your seventh anniversary. The pastel, herbal green pairs with a jaw-droppingly unique hammered copper mixing bowl. Pair the gift with copper cleanser to keep it sparkling over the years, or let it develop a one-of-a-kind patina.

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10. Breitling Navitimer B01 Chronograph 43

Contemplating a wristwatch as an anniversary gift this year? GQ calls this iteration of the Navitimer “lively and bold.” The copper dial option is just one of the color choices that keep it fresh as Breitling mixes up an iconic watch style for modern wearers. This is one of the more luxurious copper anniversary gift ideas, and if your spouse is a watch lover, it's sure to make for a memorable occasion.


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11.Moscow mule cocktail kit for one

Our 100% copper Moscow Mule mugs make for a gorgeous, tasteful gift with their classic design, high-quality material, and practical nature. Want to take things to the next level? This complete mug and cocktail kit delivers the full Moscow Mule experience in one beautiful package. It’s got all the essentials for mixing up a bracing cold Moscow Mule, as well as extras to delight any cocktail lover.

What makes a good anniversary gift?

As you read through our list of anniversary gift ideas, we hope one caught your eye and made you think: "Aha! That's the perfect anniversary gift for my spouse!" But it's not always that simple. Sometimes, you're just at a loss, with either too many great gift ideas (and no way to choose between them) or too few.

Honestly, that's why we think following the traditional materials for anniversary gift ideas is a great start: it gives you a starting point to go off of. But it's really all about what will delight your spouse. Checking out the shops they've subscribed to get emails from, or the items they've saved to a Pinterest board, can help give you an idea of what anniversary gift choices might have caught their eye.

Want more copper anniversary gift ideas?

Browse copper specialty stores, such as our own Moscow Copper Co., for inspiration. You'll find a wide variety of barware pieces, kitchen essentials, personalized gifts, and more to help you select the best anniversary gift for your spouse.

Cheers to your 7th wedding anniversary!

We hope this anniversary gift guide helps you select a romantic seventh anniversary gift to celebrate your marriage. Even if you don’t normally lean into the traditional materials for wedding anniversary gifts, copper is a meaningful choice to commemorate your lasting union: it’s a durable, timeless material that weathers well with age. Continue reading for additional seventh anniversary copper gift ideas.

Whether you're toasting the occasion with copper mugs, celebrating with a hammered copper KitchenAid, or giving another great gift, we hope it's a special occasion for you both.

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