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Christmas Mugs and Gift Sets

Christmas Mugs and Gift Sets

How are you at choosing Christmas presents for the people you care about? Some individuals pride themselves on their present-picking prowess, while others would rather default to gift cards “to be safe.” Now, we’re not here to judge either way; the most important thing is to just make a genuine effort to make someone else happy!

With that said, if you’re truly open to recommendations for gift ideas this Christmas season, our answer will ALWAYS be Moscow Copper Co. mugs and gift sets. Here are the three main reasons why our products make great presents…and suggestions for specific items to add to your Christmas shopping basket:

Sip in Style

First things first: let’s be honest and admit that most adults don’t really care for tacky, novelty Christmas mugs. Whether it’s a clear glass cup with “HO HO HO!” written on the side in red and green letters, or even some ceramic monstrosity in the shape of a reindeer’s head, these things are usually more silly than they are practical. They’re also gimmicky in the sense that the folks who DO use them generally only bring them out during Christmas season. After all, when was the last time you saw someone imbibing hard seltzer out of a plastic gingerbread man mug in summertime?

Copper mugs, on the other hand, are great year-round; you can enjoy your mulled wine or hot toddy in December just as easily as you can enjoy an ice cold Moscow Mule in July. Furthermore, Moscow Copper Co. mugs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes—you can give your trendy friend a “modern” mug with industrial ridges, your classically-minded co-worker a more rustic-looking mug with a hammered finish, and for your easy-going friend who never wants to make a fuss…there’s a smooth, plain-but-still-pretty mug. And because we offer custom engraving on nearly all of our cups, you turn YOUR gift into a one-of-a-kind keepsake!

So this year, skip the fun Christmas mugs (and we’re using the term “fun” lightly, here) and go for unique Christmas mugs…or even personalized Christmas mugs!

sip in style

One, Two, or Four?

Now, some folks hear the phrase “Christmas gift sets” and feel a pang of fear deep in their gut—or in their wallet. That’s fair, as gift sets generally include two or more of the items being gifted, with the sets priced accordingly. People also sometimes feel like their intended recipient only really needs one mug, but are worried about coming across as “cheap” for giving them a single cup in a regular gift box.

Single Moscow Mule Mug

Well, first of all, if your friend considers you cheap for getting them an artisan, 100% genuine copper mug, then you might not need such a negative person in your social circle. More to the point, though: at Moscow Copper Co., we offer gift sets that include a single cup. What elevates them from “ordinary” to “extraordinary,” though, is the inclusion of neat extras. A microfiber cleaning cloth, a mini recipe booklet and coasters, or even a handsome pine collector’s box…even if there’s only one mug in the package, no one would EVER mistake these sets for anything other than a luxury gift.

Of course, there is a certain appeal to giving more than one mug—after all, it’s fun to make a Moscow Mule for yourself, but it’s more fun to make a handful of Mules and share them! For this reason, we also offer gift sets with multiple mugs, as well. Get a two-pack for your favorite couple or a four-pack for your friend group’s resident mixologist. As the old saying goes, “The more, the merrier!”

Four pack Moscow mule mugs

Supersize (or Minimize) Me

Have you ever found what you thought would be an absolutely perfect gift for someone, only to learn that they already owned that exact item (or something incredibly similar)? On one hand, such a discovery can be vindicating, as it’s fairly great proof that you were correct in your assumption that they’d like it. But even if the recipient is genuinely impressed by your gift-selecting skills (“Oh, don’t worry—I could always use more of these! Thanks so much!”), the situation can be a bit embarrassing…especially if you find out that they already have several of what you bought them.

The reason we bring this up is because we know that some people love the idea of giving a person they know a Moscow Copper Co. mug, but they hesitate to do so because they’re fairly sure (or know for a fact) that the intended recipient already has a set of copper drink mugs. And while we’d argue that you haven’t really experienced the true potential of copper drinkware until you’ve tried a genuine Moscow Copper Co. mug (there’s a REASON we’re known as “the one, the only, the original”!), we also understand the desire to think outside the box.

So, if you’d like to get your friend, loved one, or business associate something truly unique, consider opting for our 96 oz. party mug. Both offer the same craftsmanship and care that you’d expect from any of our products, just in a larger OR smaller package.

(Okay, yes, a flask is technically not a mug, so it’s a bit of an odd duck when compared to the other products that we’ve mentioned here. But it’s such a great—and quirky—gift that we’d be remiss not to offer it as a suggestion!)

Copper Flask

In the categories of “Christmas gift sets for women” AND “Christmas gift sets for men,” Moscow Copper products are hard to beat. They’re practical for year-round use while still being lovely to behold, you have multiple options for what’s to be included in the gift set, and even if you’re convinced that your friend doesn’t NEED another standard, 16-oz. copper mug in their repertoire, you can always take a more creative approach and get them a gift that’s still in the same (beautiful, well-made) family without being too similar to something they already have.

At the end of the day, you probably know your friend, family member, or business associate’s taste in gifts better than a stranger ever could. But we’re willing to bet that if you’re stumped to choose a Christmas present for a special someone this year…a Moscow Copper Co. mug gift set could be kind of surprise that they can truly appreciate!

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