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Engraved Copper Mugs: The Perfect Romantic Gift

Engraved moscow mug

There’s never a bad time to remind someone how much you love them. In fact, we at Moscow Copper believe that love should be celebrated year-round...not just on special holidays or anniversaries.

Gifts associated with celebrations such as anniversaries, weddings, or birthdays should be unique, fun, memorable, and something your special someone can cherish for years to come.

If you’re tired of giving traditional romantic gifts and want to really surprise your partner with something he or she will love, you’ve come to the right place!

We know exactly what will set your partner's heart on fire and it’s not chocolate or a dozen roses (lame!)--it’s a custom engraved Moscow Mule mug from Moscow Copper.

Engraved Copper Mugs Make Fantastic Gifts… 

The Perfect Romantic Gift

You Can Get Personal

Instead of signing your name on cheesy card, engrave your name on a keepsake you and your loved one can keep for years to come. Trust us, your significant other will thank you.

Unlike paper cards you can drink out of this gift. Score!

Mugs Promote Quality Time Together

There are many different types of activities like yoga, hiking, or watching Netflix, that couples enjoy doing together.

There’s one activity, however, that doesn’t always make the list. That activity is drinking a cold, crisp, delicious Moscow Mule together.

Think about it...instead of getting sweaty in a yoga class or watching that episode of The Office for the 500th time, you could be snuggled up on the couch with a cold refreshing drink in hand.

Spending quality time together while relaxing and unwinding over a beverage--now that’s a great date night!

Copper Mugs Represent a Promise of Loving Each Other for Years to Come

The perfect romantic gift ideas

Traditionally, a 7th anniversary is known as the copper anniversary. That much time spent loving someone is something to be celebrated.

But wait...I know what you’re thinking… “We haven’t been together for 7 years yet, we can’t celebrate a copper anniversary this year.”


But you can make a vow to love each other for another 7 years...and then another 7 after that and so on and so forth.

How romantic!

Tip: The same method works if you’re already celebrated a copper anniversary.

Moscow Copper Mugs Make Beautiful Gifts

Moscow in a pine wood caseAll Moscow Copper mugs come in beautifully crafted pine boxes. 

But that’s not all…

Inside these boxes is an elegant mug polishing cloth and a miniature Moscow Mule history and recipe book.

When you give the gift of a Moscow Copper mug, you never have to worry about messing around with wrapping paper, bows, and ribbon. We do the work for you so the person on the receiving ends gets a beautifully put together gift every time.

Moscow Copper Mugs Put an Extra Spark in your Relationship

The element copper is an excellent conductor. When you add ice, vodka, ginger beer, and lime (The Original Moscow Mule recipe ingredients) into a copper mug, scientific properties cause your beverage to cool to the coldest possible temperature without freezing.

When your warm lips touch the incredibly cold copper mug, you’ll feel a slight spark as the heat travels from your lips to your drink.

This is because the heat of your lips quickly begins traveling through the conductor (the cold copper mug) in an effort to warm the mug.

Isn’t Copper Science awesome?

Play your cards right with an engraved Moscow Mule copper mug and we have no doubt this gift will ignite a new spark between you and the one you love as you celebrate the time you’ve been together.

We wish you and the one your love many years of sipping ice-cold Moscow Mules from your Moscow Copper Engraved mugs. Cheers!

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A timeless and authentic Copper Mug carrying the original Moscow Mule legacy. The perfect gift for any occasion.

$ 34.95


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