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How to Throw the Perfect Copper-Themed Dinner Party

How to Throw the Perfect Copper-Themed Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a blast!

But, if you tend to get invited to the same stereotypical dinner party themed events--you and white, roaring 20s, Hawaiian Luai--they suddenly start losing their appeal.

At Moscow Copper we love a good dinner party, so we thought we’d suggest a unique idea you can use to wow your guests and create a night your party goers will remember...well as long as they don’t drink one too many Moscow Mules.

So what do we suggest? Drum roll please…

A copper themed dinner party complete with one of the most requested party beverages...the famous Moscow Mule!

Follow these simple steps to throw a party inspired by copper--a metal that not only looks stunning but has the scientific properties necessary to make both your drinks and your food taste delicious.

Step 1 -- Prepare Your Food

A dinner party isn’t a dinner party without...well, dinner. So your first step is to decide on what you’re going to cook for your guests.

And once you’ve selected your menu, there’s no better way to kick off your copper-themed party then cooking food for your guests in copper pots and pans!

If you’ve never cooked with copper pans before, you’re in for a real treat.

various moscow copper items

Our copper pans have an aluminum core. Which enables them to transfer and distribute heat quickly while responding rapidly to changes in heat. This helps ensures foolproof browning--especially if you decide to sear meats on the stove top-- and that they are easy to cleanup.

Step 2 -- Mix Up a Refreshing Cocktail in a Copper Mug

mix up a refreshing cocktail in a copper mug

The second most important part of a dinner party is having cold, refreshing cocktails for your guests to enjoy before, during, and after dinner.

Luckily for you, copper is an incredible element that will help you do just that.

The conductive properties of copper ensure drinks, served in a copper mug, remain ice cold. But that’s not even the best part.

The coolest thing about copper is how it chemically reacts to the acids found in ingredients like alcohol, lime juice, and ginger beer. When these elements are poured into a copper mug, a reaction occurs that bolden's and enhances a drink’s natural flavors.

A copper mug will bring out the flavor in any beverage, however, we think it reacts best to the classic ingredients found in an Original Moscow Mule.

Get the Original Moscow Mule recipe for your party here.

Oh, and of course you’ll need copper mugs if you don’t have them already! Pick up a pack of pure copper mugs here.

If you don’t have the budget to buy your guests their own mugs, we understand. The next best option is to purchase a copper pitcher. Mixing the drinks in this pitcher will work just as well as mixing the drinks in individual mugs.

Grab a copper pitcher for your party here.

Step 3 -- Layout a Beautiful Copper-Themed Table Scape

layout a beautiful copper-themed table scape

Impress your guests with a classy looking copper-themed table scape.

All it takes is a few copper touches to take your table scape from drab to fab.

A copper plate set under a solid colored salad plate (like the picture above) is a simple way to add some shine to your dinner table. Add in some copper handled utensils and set up our copper drinking mugs and it will be easy to tell the theme of your party.

Step 4 -- Enjoy

Once you’ve got everything prepared and placed, kick back, relax, pour yourself a cold drink, and enjoy spending time with your party goers.

Your copper mugs will keep your drinks cold and flavorful, beautiful copper pots will change the way you feel about cooking, and your stunning decor will keep party goers wondering how you pulled off such an incredible event without any headaches.

It’s that easy!

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