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Why the Moscow Mule is the Ultimate Hipster Drink

Why the Moscow Mule is the Ultimate Hipster Drink

Over the top cocktails can be overrated. It’s part of the reason some tattoo wielding, hat wearing hipsters’ prefer to imbibe simpler sips. For years, PBR was the go-to spirit designating a hipster from any other bar goer. Today, sales have tumbled with many losing their taste for the blue-collar beer. 

Seems there’s a new hipster drink being slung across the bar, and it is every bit as trendy and nostalgic as the now almost forgotten PBR. 

Beards, straight bangs and Moscow Mules have now become the telltales of hipster culture—and it’s catching on in a major way. From the aesthetics of this classic cocktail to the lore behind the drink, there are plenty of reasons hipsters are helping provide the Moscow Mule a deserving cultural revival.  

The Look 

Few vessels offer the same visual appeal as a Moscow Mule. The copper mug instantly enhances the experience and lets everyone see clearly what your drink of choice is. Though they go with any outfit, hipsters have found them are particularly complementary to black skinny jeans. 

Now, instead of the bright and shiny or patina of a traditional Moscow Mule mug, hipsters can further distinguish themselves from the crowds with a limited edition, vintage design

The 100% copper vintage designed mug in Antiqued finish features: 

  • An antique hammering pattern
  • Wooden Collector's Box 
  • Minute Mule Recipe Book 
  • Protective, microfiber Bag
  • Artificial lacquer that protects the signature finish
  • 16 oz. capacity that allows the perfect blending of flavors and balance of ingredients
  • First-class craftsmanship 
  • Welded heavy-gauge handle

It’s the ultimate container for the ultimate hipster alcohol, an effortlessly cool way to showcase that you have good taste. 

The Lore

Hipster Moscow Mules are also a great way for the learned and most interesting to share backstories about their preferred spirit. Given the rich history of the Moscow Mule, it doesn’t take much to draw someone in and get them engaged. (Perfect for when you’re young and on the prowl or just hungering for connection after a year in quarantine.) 

For the last 75 years, Moscow Mules have enjoyed their place as a classic cocktail. But the drink is actually a kismet mix of collaboration and borderline desperation. 

It all began when Russian immigrant Sophie Berezinski came to the United States with 2,000 copper mugs in tow. She and her father handmade many of the cups and couldn't stand to see them go unused, or worse, sold for scrap metal. The decision was made to go door-to-door in Hollywood and find a cocktail lounge in need of inexpensive drinkware. 

Then, in 1941, she stopped in for a fateful drink after walking all day. What she ended up finding instead was a buyer. 

Jack Morgan owned Cock ‘n’ Bull pub on the famous Sunset Strip. He, having recently gotten into the ginger beer business, was hoping to woo Smirnoff Vodka owner, John Martin, on a collaboration. Sales of both their beverages were low. They knew they were on to something, but it wasn’t until Sophie’s copper cups and a few tweaks of citrus that the Moscow Mule exploded onto the scene! With the cold properties of the mug and the symphony of flavors the drink was an instant, and lasting success. 

Original Moscow Mule Recipe

Is your mouth watering just thinking about this refreshing mix of hipster history? You don’t have to go to a crowded bar to enjoy a Moscow Mule. The simplicity of the drink is part of its appeal. 

Collect just three ingredients to get started:

Though the mixology may be deceptively simple, it’s important to make sure each one is quality.

Now, the drinkware. Your Moscow Mule won’t taste the same without a genuine Moscow Copper Co. mug. It’s responsible for helping marry the flavors and uses a bit of chemistry to give it that signature crispness and delightful bite. 


  1. Place ice into a Moscow Copper Co. mug and pour in vodka.
  2. Squeeze in lime juice and top with ginger beer.
  3. Garnish with lime wedge and enjoy.
  4. Cheers.

You can also make it your own by trying out any number of adaptations for your Moscow Mule. At this point, there’s practically a country-specific version for every region of the world! 

In hipster culture things can change quickly, especially hipster alcoholic drinks. If you don’t want to get caught on the outs or simply want to enjoy a refreshing and timeless classic cocktail, raise a vintage copper cup to the Moscow Mule.

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