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Cucumber Mule

The sun is sweltering and the pool is beckoning — time to make a Cucumber Mule with loads of ice!

You can reign your classic Moscow Mule recipe into a crisp, refreshing taste of summer by adding two key ingredients: cucumber and mint.

The brightness of these ingredients adds the perfect lazy-day boost to the mule’s existing ginger beer and freshly squeezed lime.


cucumber sliced

Can you believe that the cucumber has been around for 3,000 years? Originating in India, it has since made its way around the globe. The varieties that are meant to be eaten fresh are actually unripe. In their green form, they have a mild melon flavor. But if left to turn yellow and ripen, their flavor becomes bitter and sour. 

Although you can find cucumbers all year long, the peak season is May through August — so it’s no coincidence that you think of cucumbers as a summer vegetable. That’s when it’s freshest and most delicious.

So feel free to make Cucumber Mules for your annual pool party, for an evening at the beach, for July Fourth cocktails — all are great ideas for your seasonal entertaining.


 Cucumber + Copper

Drinking a Cucumber Mule out of a Moscow Copper Co. mug is recommended for maximum flavor, not to mention the health benefits!

Copper has a long history of healing and maintaining health. For instance, it was used to kill infections as far back as 1,600 B.C. And drinking out of 100% copper was proven beneficial because copper doesn’t allow bacteria growth.

Cucumbers are no slouch when it comes to health benefits. Because cucumbers are composed of about 96 percent water, they keep you hydrated, especially in the hot summer months. Additionally, they contain flavonoids and tannins, two antioxidants that are effective at blocking free radicals. 

Mint is also a potent source of antioxidants, compared with other herbs and spices. It is also high in vitamin A, which aids in eye health and night vision. And, if you find yourself tempted to chew on one of the leaves in your Cucumber Mule, go for it! Mint leaves help fight bad breath and bacteria inside your mouth.


Cucumber Moscow Mule Ingredients

To make a Cucumber Mule, you will need:

  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 4 ounces ginger beer
  • 1 fresh lime
  • 3 slices of fresh cucumber
  • Mint leaves

The original Moscow Mule calls for Smirnoff Vodka.

In lieu of ginger beer, you can use 3 ounces of seltzer water with our Moscow Mule Ginger Syrup, which is a careful small-batch blend of fresh ginger, cane sugar and lime juice. 


How To Make A Cucumber Mule

Making a good Cucumber Mule is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. Shake and muddle the slices of cucumber with juice from a lime.
  2. Fill your Moscow Copper mug with ice, pour the vodka and add mint leaves.
  3. Add the cucumbers and lime juice.
  4. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a slice of cucumber and a sprig of mint.

If your entire family or dinner party wants a Cucumber Mule, feel free to make a giant batch in a copper pitcher. Simply multiply the ingredients by the number of drinkers. One caveat: Do not put ice in the pitcher, or you’ll water down your mules. Make sure to add ice to each individual mug, then pour your mix over the top.

For those who would like to abstain, you can hold the vodka and instead add more ginger beer to make a summer-fun mocktail.

P.S. If you make this Cucumber Mule recipe, don’t forget to tag and share on Instagram!

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