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Eggnog White Russian

It’s time to deck the halls, don a snuggly ugly sweater and sip on a decadent holiday cocktail. Can we interest you in an Eggnog White Russian?

In a brilliant twist on the original White Russian, you swap out the heavy cream for eggnog, which is equally creamy, plus a million times more festive!

This winter cocktail is an amazingly versatile beverage to celebrate the holiday season. It’s a cozy choice for a quaint evening by the fireplace. Or your New Year’s Eve guests can get jolly on this boozy beverage while initiating the countdown.

Either way, this three-ingredient treat goes down smooth in a shiny, copper mug.


the perfect holiday

The recipe starts off with eggnog, which is a drink that has been around in some variation since at least the 13th century. Traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, raw eggs and flavoring, it’s easy to find nonalcoholic versions in the grocery store between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

But there is an even longer history of eggnog in which it was known as a spiked drink to be reckoned with. In the 1800s, some recipes called for three dozen eggs … and half a gallon of brandy.

For our recipe, we start with straight eggnog, then add in the spirits: vodka and coffee-flavored liqueur.

Kahlúa is the brand most synonymous with coffee-flavored liqueur and White Russians, and it’s for good reason. The company has a long history of excellence, using mountain-grown coffee from the Veracruz Mountains in Mexico as its base flavor, along with sugar-based rum and a high note of vanilla.

So the sweetness of Kahlúa mixed with the creaminess of eggnog makes a delicious dessert blend that you may think of as an adult milkshake.


Eggnog + Copper

Drinking an Eggnog White Russian out of a copper mug is recommended because it looks lavish and cheerful. Another reason, who wants to drink warm Egg Nog? The copper will keep the entire cocktail chilled. We promise, even if you hate Egg Nog, this recipe tastes more like a delicious coffee milkshake if kept cold. 

Eggnog may be an indulgence, but it certainly has some healthful characteristics.

For starters, a cup of eggnog is full of vitamins — potassium, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, phosphorus and iron. And, because of the eggs, it has a generous amount of protein per serving.

The nutmeg in eggnog has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antioxidants. It may also enhance sex drive, according to some studies.


To make an Eggnog White Russian, you will need:

  • 2 ounces eggnog
  • 2 ounces coffee liqueur (Kahlúa)
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • Ground nutmeg to garnish

The original Moscow Mule calls for Smirnoff Vodka. If you prefer, you can swap out vodka for rum.

Feel free to play with the ingredients to tailor the Eggnog White Russian to your taste. If you want a stronger cocktail, start by increasing the amount of vodka and/or Kahlúa. On the other hand, you can dilute the drink by increasing the amount of eggnog. There’s no right or wrong, just a matter of individual preference.


Making a good Eggnog White Russian is super simple — you can’t mess it up!

  • First, fill a copper mug with ice.
  • Next, stir in the coffee liqueur and vodka.
  • Pour in the eggnog and stir.
  • Top with a dash of ground nutmeg. Enjoy!

To add even more merriment to this winter cocktail, you can add cinnamon sticks, maraschino cherries or even a candy cane as a garnish.

If your entire holiday party wants an Eggnog White Russian, you can make a self-serve bar: Mix the coffee liqueur and vodka in advance in a copper pitcher, add ice to individual mugs and pour the eggnog separately on a per-drink basis so it keeps its consistency.

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